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We have to in support of buying and selling of your agricultural world product. Digital Market place and solution :- OYA Crops Website is providing a digital platform for crops trading. It is unique platform for all farmers and agro industries and buyers & sellers. It is a best platform for direct agricultural transaction. We have built a complete digital solution for all farmers by our digital platform and partnership networking chain. It is a best digital platform for promotion and marketing of agricultural products. Work and technology :- OYA Crops website links supply and demand in the crops market and food industries. We are working all sectors in agricultural market. We approve sellers according of standards of Oya Crops website and continuously monitor demand of market and quality of product of sellers by survey and examination of lab testing of food and seeds. Value of products and services :- We are connecting farms to markets and promoting local products Internationally by Oya Crops website. We are connecting local farmers and exporters and Industrial buyers and sellers to Oya digital platform and Oya agro projects and developments by Oya digital platform. Web mobile and SMS platform. All farmers are registered on this platform after legal verification of Oya Crops Website so they are genuine registered persons. We are providing many types of services like a trading of products buy & sell, quality inspections, survey for products and demand and supply. - 2 - Key of business success :- This is the easy fast and secure business way of farmers buyers, sellers, transporters, partners, investors and all persons of agricultural business world. We are working for success and high growth of your business by following business points :- * Discovery of best quality of product for buyers and exporters. * Direct transactions between farmers and industrial buyers and sellers, retailers. * Transparently of supply chain actors reduce costs to buyers without losting reliability. * Fair trading plans and legal support. * Promoting and monitoring of product by digital platform S.M.S. technology and partnership networking chain. * Redistribution of value in food supply chain production on demand. * Discovery of land on rent and lease for crops developers set a price for good deal and marketing a scheme for big and small farmers. Working Sector * Fruits and Vegetables * Fishing and Leaching * Cereals and Tubers * Seeds and agricultural inputs * Material and Equipments * Land and Concessions * Support in selling and purchasing - 3 - Processor of Work * Sign-up to the platform * Create your offer price * Set a quantity & price * Share with us your crops characteristics & details * Decide upon your incoterm * Decide upon your product quality check services * Post your seller offer or buyers offer price * Stay updated by email or notification Get Started We open the way to registered and approved buyers and sellers. Post your product price as a registered buyer or create your product offer as a platform verified seller. Its safe and secure because both are verified persons. Post offer price as a Seller :- Post your product price as a registered seller and gain immediate access to credit – verified buyers and start your deals and communication. Register as a Seller Post your offer price as a buyer :- Post your offer price as a buyer for your product which one you want to buy. Communicate to the market and farmers and sellers. Register as a buyer


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